Teeth Whitening in Mt. Juliet, TN

Patients want to maintain a white smile, but it’s difficult in this modern age, where so many foods and drinks cause discoloration. 

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Why Should I Choose Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening provides patients with more effective, faster, and safer whitening results than over-the-counter products. One of the most common problems in cosmetic dentistry is discoloration and staining of the teeth. 

Patients want to maintain a white smile, but it’s difficult in this modern age, where so many foods and drinks cause discoloration. 

While you could go to the drugstore and purchase a cheap whitening kit that claims it will effectively whiten your teeth, many of these aren’t ADA-approved and contain problematic levels of chemicals that can damage or irritate your oral tissues. 

A cosmetic dentist has the expertise to address problems like discoloration efficiently and safely. Our whitening products contain much higher concentrations of active ingredients like hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. 

We take extra precautions to protect your oral tissues from damage or irritation, and we have an office supplied with state-of-the-art dental technology that can lighten your teeth by up to 12 shades in a single session. 

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Teeth whitening lasts for six months to 3 years.

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In-Office Teeth Whitening

Our Glo in-office whitening treatment uses a heat and light-activated whitening gel that can transform your smile in a single session. 

After exposing your teeth with a cheek protractor and applying a solution to your gums that acts as a barrier between them and the whitening gel, we will apply Glo whitening solution to each of your teeth and spread it out with a brush. 

Then, a Glo mouth device will be placed over your teeth and activate the whitening gel with heat and UV light. This speeds up the chemical reaction for faster whitening, producing results up to 12 shades lighter than what you started with in just one appointment.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

If you prefer to whiten your teeth from home, patients can whiten their teeth on their own using the same whitening gel and Glo light device that we use chairside. Patients can order this exclusively through our dental practice and receive Glo whitening solution vials and the Glo device. 

Patients can use this as an alternative to in-office whitening or as a way to touch up their teeth after their in-office results have started to fade.

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The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Boost in Confidence

Patients feel a boost in mood and self-esteem when they achieve a brighter smile.

Better Oral Hygiene

Patients who invest in their smile through cosmetic dentistry are more likely to practice good oral hygiene and look after their teeth more carefully.

Safe & Effective

Professional dental teeth whitening is much more effective, efficient, and safe for your oral tissues.

The Teeth Whitening Process

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Dr. Berry will examine your teeth to ensure you don’t have any oral health problems that need to be treated first. He will determine your suitability for teeth whitening based on the severity of your discoloration and the condition of your teeth.

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Before getting your teeth whitened, you should get a checkup to make sure you don’t have any cavities or other oral health problems. Get a cleaning to make the whitening agent maximally effective. If you have surface stains and plaque covering your enamel, you won’t get the full benefits of the whitening treatment. You may also want to desensitize your teeth before getting them whitened.

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Take-Home Whitening

We have eliminated the uncomfortable and inconvenient process of physical molds and impression-taking. Patients who want to whiten their teeth at home will use the same materials we use for in-office patients – the Glo whitening solution and device, which is to be used repeatedly per the instructions to achieve the desired results.

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In-Office Whitening

After shielding your soft tissues with a cheek protractor and protective gel, a whitening gel will be applied to each tooth and activated with a UV light that speeds up the chemical process that whitens your teeth. After about 60 minutes, the solution is rinsed off, and you will have much whiter teeth.

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To maintain the results of this treatment, patients need to avoid staining foods, drinks, and activities and keep their teeth clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want brighter teeth without damaging them or causing extreme tooth sensitivity, then it’s best to get your teeth whitened by professionals. Patients who want to whiten their teeth should have strong and healthy tooth enamel without any oral health problems or significant tooth damage.

Teeth whitening commonly causes tooth sensitivity because of the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide, which demineralizes the teeth. However, our special Glo system eliminates sensitivity and pain by using a special gentle peroxide formulation.